Housing is the battefield for our time, and the house is it’s monument

2Up 2Down is located in Anfield, North Liverpool, in the streets leading to and around Liverpool Football Club.  The area was designated as a Pathfinder area under the Housing Market Renewal Initiative.

The neighbourhood is made up of residential terraced streets, many of which have been earmarked for clearance and emptied.  The main street formerly offered varied independent local shops but has in recent years fallen into decline, and now consists mainly of fast food outlets, catering to match-day visitors.  Many houses have been demolished in the past few months, leaving temporary grassed areas that still show the footprint of the terraced streets.  Many streets are completely “tinned up”, leaving residents stranded in otherwise derelict areas and young people growing up in streets with few neighbours and fewer amenities.  Other streets in the neighbourhood still house a mix of owner-occupiers, social and private tenants.

The best physical qualities of the neighbourhood are its well-built, attractive Victorian terraced property; good transport links to the city centre; and the number of public green open spaces within walking distance.  The best social qualities are a strong sense of identity, helped in part by the football club’s presence, and the resilience and creativity of local people.

The local community have had their hopes repeatedly raised and then dashed by promises of regeneration which has been slow to materialise.  2Up 2Down will change local people’s ability to influence the way their neighbourhood is managed and developed, and help them to take matters into their own hands.