Andrea Jones, artist and local resident

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved in 2up2down?

I am an artist. I moved back to the North of Liverpool when I had my son….and I realised that there was absolutely nothing for me to do here. I knew Mitchell’s as I lived in the next street at one point and I heard it had closed down. So I walked past one day and saw the shutters up and I was instantly interested. Since then I’ve been baking bread at college and I’ve been on courses to help set up our community bakery.

I think what’s kept me coming back is the passion everyone involved has about the area and wanting to make it better. I have also been involved as a client for one the homes that we are going to refurbish and I have had loads of fun with that. I’m passionate about the bakery and healthy eating  -  I’m a vegetarian and I want create a herb garden and maybe an allotment at the bakery. If we can get together and actually do this  – regain our homes and show people that they have the power to do make things happen, that would be amazing. I think people here have had that beaten out of them and they are mentally exhausted because they don’t see change as something possible. If we manage to do this as a collective- and we will – it will be a very very positive example for everyone in Anfield.

What does living well mean to you?

Living well is about an inner peace, an inner confidence, it’s a home life, good food and good health. And from all that can come a community and a positive environment for everyone around. My little boy said to me last year, ‘Mummy, why do you say hello to everybody?’ because I’m always saying good morning as we walk to school. I said, ‘it’s because sometimes people look a little sad and when you say hello, it makes them smile and that could change their mood for the whole day’. I really believe if you put out a little positive, you get back a little positive too.