Jessica Doyle, DJ, photographer and local resident

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with 2Up 2Down.

I’m a photographer and an artist. I do a lot of fashion shoots and work for magazine. The idea of documentary photography also really interests me and I’ve been doing lots performance photography and documenting the process of performance. I guess that’s what attracted me to documenting the process at 2Up 2Down  – the people involved were going through a process that was really interesting.

I’m also a local resident, I was born here and I live ten minutes away from the bakery so I was also interested in what was going on in terms of the social issues that the project looks at. I have friends who used to live in the tinned up houses, I had to walk past them on the way to school ,so it is a part of my history and my childhood. So for that reason it was also close to my heart and my involvement has evolved from documenting to becoming a co-founder of the bakery co-op.

What does living well mean to you?

I’d like to think I live well but what this project has highlighted to me is the lack of control we have in terms of the place we live and the homes we live in. It seems that it’s impossible to actually live a house that completely reflects you and your values and beliefs. So with these houses around the bakery, hopefully, they will be unique to the people who live there and will reflect the best interests of the community. 2Up 2Down has been about giving people back that control and also a new type of democracy where everyone can have their personal say. The one member, one vote process is just so interesting – it’s great to hear people expressing their honest views about everything because they feel like they can actually make a difference.