The Design Team

“The Girls” have been involved in the project from very beginning, working with Jeanne and Urbed on the concept and design for the building.  They are all active members of Anfield Breckfield Community Corner supported them to take part. They talked to Kealey about what the 2Up 2Down project means to them.

Kayleigh, 17, local resident and a youth ambassador for ABCC. She represented Homebaked at the national CLT Awards and gave a fantastic speech about the project.   ‘It’s good to see a positive change in Anfield. With all the demolition going on people have lost faith in the area. The project is going to be great because it will have opportunities for young people, like myself, to get a job and earn their own money’

Lisa, 20. ‘Through this project I have learned just how devastating mass solutions can be to a community. I never thought it was as bad as it is. But with 2up 2down  hopefully people can see that they can do it themselves, and help turn this destruction around’

Bethany, 14. ‘I feel like my voice is being heard through this project, because at my age, people don’t want to listen. I feel like people actually care about young people now and are willing to have them by their side in helping improve the community’

Carla, 17. ‘Being under the age of 18 people don’t usually care about your opinion. You’re too young to vote, and too young to live alone. By being involved in this project I have learned that the young people can have a positive impact on the community even if it isn’t just by voting’

Emily, 16. ‘I get the chance to have a say of what’s going on in my area now. I know people who have been moved out of their homes and had to change everything about their lives. I don’t want to see that happen again. So with this project, hopefully it wont.’

Anna 14, is the youngest person involved in the project . ‘I have a chance to voice my opinions and feelings on what is going on in the area I live in. As the next generation I don’t want the same thing to happen to me that has already happened to the people in the area now. With this project the community can have a voice.”